What should your care packs contain?

What should your care packs contain?

There are a variety of ways to express your appreciation to your employees and clients, but corporate gifting in the form of care packs is one of the most impactful methods. It is an act of benevolence that helps to express your gratitude in the interest of your organisation. It builds brand recognition, engagement, and overall loyalty between the company and the recipients be it, employees or clients.

How are all these developed? Imagine opening up a present from a loved one - that emotional connection that sparks from within and a wide smile on your face, these experiences invoke positive feelings and inspire them to continue working harder to be a great asset to the company.

Anything can be a reason to gift, not just during the holiday season or on birthdays. You can always celebrate a variety of occasions and milestones such as an employee’s first day at the office, an employee’s honourable accomplishment of a major project, or an employee’s anniversary for many years of service to the company, and the list goes on.

Finding and settling on common items to include in the care packs that will appeal to all of the recipients can be a challenging task! Fret not, as we have compiled three items that you can include in your future corporate gift packs which will be a guaranteed win!

Small Bites & Snacks

Food is a way to some people’s hearts, and you can never go wrong with healthy bite-sized snacks. It can be a little ‘perk me up’ for employees to munch on during a long day at the office. Check out some of the food care packs that AXTRO Gifts have done for our clients.

We have done our research and here are some of the recommended bite-sized and healthy office goodies that you can have in your care packs:

  • Walnuts
  • Honey Roasted Nut Mix
  • Granola Bites
  • Macadamias
  • Dried Fruits
  • Oat Cookies
  • Vitamin C
  • Tea Bags

Thank You Card

Nothing beats giving a thank you card with a thoughtful message to convey your gratitude, it will definitely bring a smile to everyone's face. Besides it being a thoughtful gesture, thank you cards can vastly improve employees’ motivation and reinforce a positive attitude as it validates their efforts. The best things about thank you cards? It’s something that they can keep forever and look back on days when they could use some affirmations! Spot the thank you card in the gift pack that we created for one of our clients below?


Tumblers are a great gift idea as they are an essential and great for everyone as it is age and gender-neutral. People are becoming more practical nowadays, and just think about the usability and benefits of tumblers! It can be used anywhere - hiking, cycling, or even at the office, you name it. What makes it an even more awesome gift is that it can be customisable! With AXTRO Gifts, you can choose a sleek design from the variety of options that we offer, and add your company logo or any memory that you would like your recipients to associate themselves with.

Our Suction Tumbler with Strainer will be that perfect gift that adds value to your recipients’ daily lives. Check them out here!

The Bottom Line

In the world of corporate gifting, care packs are a perfect way to show your appreciation to those who have helped your company grow. Having practical gifts with a personal touch is the icing on top of the cake, making them even more special to your recipients.

Whether you are gifting your clients or employees, AXTRO Gifts is here to make your vision come true. Contact us today at +65 6323 9268 or drop us an email at sales@axtrogifts.com to discuss the creation of a bespoke corporate care pack!

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