Best New Year Corporate Gifts for 2022!

Best New Year Corporate Gifts for 2022!

It's that time of year again...the balance sheet of your clients' and workers' lives in the year 2021 is ready to fade away. However, the new year, 2022, is more than simply a date on the calendar; many clients and employees regard it as a fresh start full of new zeal and planning.

New year business gifts are helpful since they show that you care about your clients and staff and want them to start the year off well. As a result, new year corporate presents take on a special significance.

But……what to gift, exactly?


It is pretty hard to survive in this technologically advanced century. Therefore, no matter how close your company's employees or clients are, you ought to pay extra attention to your relationships with them. Unique corporate presents, such as well-curated tea gift sets, can strengthen ties and maintain loyalty in this situation.

Tea gift sets are aesthetically pleasing and packaged - good for different occasions; not to mention that they are relatively affordable. Including different flavours that have various benefits can help to impress your recipients. For example, you would like to convey the message of starting the new year bright and energetic. Peppermint Tea is perhaps the best choice as although it is caffeine-free, it has a natural energising effect thanks to the peppermint oil in the peppermint leaves. You would like to wish your recipients good health this new year? Oolong Tea got your back. It contains several antioxidant compounds which support both brain and heart health.


Even if you had a big lunch, we know how hungry you might get on a hectic working day. It's difficult to concentrate on your task if you don't fulfil your minor hunger. This is why healthy packaged snacks like nuts and dried fruits make excellent workplace gifts. They are not only nutritious but also easy to eat as a snack. In addition, they are high in calcium, iron, magnesium, and antioxidants, which help boost immunity and keep you healthy and free of diseases and illnesses.

Giving your clients and colleagues a gift that helps them stay healthy and manage their weight is a wonderful idea. It also conveys a positive message of good health and prosperity, resulting in a quintessential experience that transcends space and time.


In today's digital age, where practically everything is stored digitally, the last thing we want to lose is our gadgets' batteries. Power banks, also known as portable chargers, are vital to keeping your electronics powered up at all times.

Customised power banks can recharge any of your devices, including smartphones and tablets, anytime and anywhere. As a result, our work will never be disrupted by these devices running out of power. Power Banks are lovely corporate gifts because they are necessary, especially for employees who frequently travel for work. Promotional power banks are an effective marketing and promotional tool since they can be customised with your company's logo and slogan.

Gift a great power bank with a large capacity to your clients or employees to wish them a happy new year.


You may think that planners and notebooks are boring and useless. Custom planners, however, are incredibly handy and long-lasting. Here are some reasons why personalised work planners and journals are great new year corporate gifts:

Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on corporate gifts only to have them thrown away or hidden away by your recipients. On the other hand, Planners are so handy and versatile that your clients and employees will keep and utilise them for years to come. As planners are small and easy to carry, more people will notice your brand name and logo, increasing your company's exposure. Unlike materials that absorb moisture and mildew leading to mould, Planners and journals survive a long time and preserve their value when properly stored. This can act as promotional material for your business.


If properly utilised, gift cards and vouchers are impactful and powerful.

When you give your employees a gift card or voucher to spend at their leisure, they can buy something they've been eyeing without feeling guilty that the money should go towards a bill or savings. Furthermore, gift cards and vouchers are typically used to purchase tangible goods or experiences, which will remind them of your company when they use or look back on them. It makes employees happy, maintains brand loyalty, and strengthens relationships.

Gift cards and vouchers are also flexible for any budget and occasion. Whether your budget is as low as S$20.00 or as high as S$100.00, the gift can be tailored to fit your budget. For example, you would like to treat your staff to a hearty meal to start the new year right, reward them with some gift cards or vouchers to a popular or highly raved restaurant.


Backpacks might be very common, but they make a great corporate gift. They are long-lasting, convenient, reusable, and appropriate for various situations, including daily work, meetings, and business trips. Some bags, such as a drawstring backpack, are versatile and may be used for running office errands or a quick trip to the store. However, backpacks as corporate gifts are even more appealing because of their usefulness!

Backpacks can also serve to promote your company's spirit, enhancing your brand image and value. It is a valuable and meaningful gift as it may be personalised with your clients' or employees' nicknames, making it even more attractive. As a result, it can be interpreted as a gesture of gratitude and respect. It can also boost usage and spark conversations, leading to greater brand loyalty and recall.

The new year is frequently greeted with a combination of emotions as individuals let go of the previous year and begin to look forward to the current year. As a result, provide your clients and staff corporate gifts that they can enjoy right now while planning for the year ahead.

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