5 Secrets for an Impactful Corporate Gifting Process - Make That Unboxing Experience Amazing!

5 Secrets for an Impactful Corporate Gifting Process - Make That Unboxing Experience Amazing!

Behind every milestone or success of a company, there will always be a dedicated group of employees or a team that may be defined as the company's backbone. They strive hard around the clock to propel the company to new heights and create new opportunities. Therefore, it is critical for companies to recognize their efforts from time to time through thoughtful gifts as it helps to boost their morale and inspire them to continue working hard.

It is not as simple as it sounds to plan what to gift, source for the products, and pack them. However, suppose you include some of the strategies we have researched and collated for you in your corporate gifting process. In that case, you can give your employees an unforgettable experience when they unbox your gifts!


1. Plan Ahead

First impressions matter, and the recipient will be able to tell if you put a lot of thought and attention into the gift just by looking at it. Planning and preparing ahead will be your best bet to make your gifting process a well-executed one. This is especially important to keep in mind during the year-end period, which is also the gift-giving season, when everyone will be hunting for gifts everywhere.

We recommend having your gifts settled with us at least two months before you plan to distribute them to avoid instances such as:

  • Shipping getting delayed
  • Inventory shortages due to the influx of orders piling in during the festive season
  • Pandemic’s impact on supply chains affecting the shipping timelines during the holiday period
  • Longer time needed to collect all of the addresses for a bulk send (for doorstep delivery to recipients’)

2. Tell A Story

More than just gifting, your gift should strike a profound connection with the recipients and be meaningful to them. As such, gifts that tell a story and tie the recipient to the company is an excellent tactic to consider when planning your gifts. To kickstart this process with a clear idea of the story that you aim to convey to your recipients, ask yourselves these three golden questions:

  1. What is your goal?
  2. What story do you want to tell?
  3. What type of gifts/items will help to communicate the story?

The answers to these simple questions will then aid you in developing a tale that offers value to your recipients while also enhancing your brand image by reflecting who you are as a company.

3. Wishlist

One of the most important aspects of gifting is that the receiving parties should like it and feel that it adds value to their daily lives. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and money if they toss it aside and let it collect dust. Hence, allowing employees to voice out their wishlist ensures that everyone's wishes are heard. Furthermore, it also gives you various options for selecting out some of the most commonly cited items and planning gifts accordingly. Moreover, it provides the recipient with a personalized experience, making the gift even more special.

But of course, it can get chaotic if you let your employees have too many items on their wishlists. Therefore, allowing each employee to have two items on their wish lists is a good rule of thumb. It will also be good to assign a clear theme such as food, outdoor, office essentials, or anything related to your company. By doing so, you can also ensure that everyone is fairly gifted and within the same price range.

4. Include a Thoughtful Note

You can never go wrong with a note. It's like the icing on top of the cake for your gifts. Adding a thoughtful note to your gift creates a sentimental effect. In addition, it will be in line with the storytelling strategy mentioned above. Although handwritten notes are considered top-tier since they are a more genuine way to express yourself, let's be real, we all don't have the time to sit down and write one by one. A simple card with a default text will do just the job. You may even link a QR code to a video clip in which you express your heartfelt gratitude. This way, your employees will undoubtedly feel valued and appreciated!

5. Perfect the End Look

As previously mentioned, first impressions are pretty crucial. The polish and presentation of the gift box or package will give the recipients a general notion of how much attention went into the gift. The moment they unbox or open it can make or break the gift. Aside from the appearance being aesthetically pleasing, you can also think of ways on how the five senses can come into play to make the unboxing experience even more impressive. For instance, you can include some exciting features into the box or package, which makes a noise when shook or applies unique labels such as "keep dry" or "fragile". This will pique your recipients' interest, and they will get excited to open the gift to check what's inside. Isn't it what you want to see in the end, those priceless looks on their faces?

The Bottom Line

Corporate gifting is not easy, but if you follow all of these "secrets" while planning your gifts, you will make a lasting impression on both your company and your recipients. Finding the right gift that is thoughtful is the key to a successful gifting process, but thoughtfulness can also mean preparing ahead and being intentional with a gift that honors the recipient's contributions to the company.

Here at AXTRO Gifts, we take pride in producing only top-notched quality custom corporate gifts. Therefore, you can trust us to provide you with the finest corporate gifts and products.

For more information, visit our website or get in touch with us at +65 6323 9268 or drop us an email at sales@axtrogifts.com. Our team will revert to you shortly.

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