Getting a fitness tracker for your clients and employees? Here are the best options for you!

Getting a fitness tracker for your clients and employees? Here are the best options for you!

With a multitude of corporate wellness and fitness programmes out there, corporate clients and employees want a fitness tracker that will help them in achieving their health goals.

We know that choosing a brand of fitness trackers that suits your clients and employees can be hard- let us help you!


  1. Actxa Swift

    Actxa Swift is a smart fitness band that tracks your daily activities, monitors your sleep quality and helps you take better care of your health and fitness.

    The Actxa Swift can help push your limits to accomplish your personal fitness goals. It features a 3­-axis accelerometer to track your daily step count. The OLED display with touch sensor lets you check your activity status easily with a simple tap.

    With its ultra-lightweight, sleek design and effortless touch interface, the Actxa Swift keeps you on your feet every step of the way. It is a perfect fitness companion for your daily life. Welcome to your limits, and beyond.

  2. Actxa Swift Plus

    The only fitness partner you need, the Swift+ offers all that the Swift does, plus more. It keeps you socially connected, notifying you when you receive a call (with Caller ID shown on the screen), text message or email.

    We understand how delicate the balance between work, life and fitness can be, and we designed the Swift+ to help you do just that.

  3. Actxa Spur

    Track your heart rate and daily activities with the new Actxa Spur. Built into the wrist device itself, the Actxa Spur levels up your training with its constant and reliable heart rate monitoring – from the moment you wake up to your next intense workout – without skipping a beat


  1. Fitbit Alta HR

    Move to the beat of you with a slim heart rate wristband that tracks activity, sleep and exercise displays notifications & sends Reminders to Move.

  2. Fitbit Charge 2

    Make every beat count with Fitbit Charge 2 - the all-new heart rate and fitness wristband built for all-day, workouts and beyond. Pure pulse continuous heart rate makes it easy to maximize workouts, better track calorie burn and get a snapshot of your cardio fitness level, while all day activity and auto sleep tracking, lets you see how your whole routine adds up. Record your workouts with multi-sport modes to see real-time workout stats on screen or rely on smart track to automatically record select exercises for you. The large OLED display helps you stay connected with call, text and calendar alerts, stay active with reminders to move and find moments of calm with personalized guided breathing sessions. Plus, you can find a look that fits your style with customizable clock faces and interchangeable bands. With more advanced features in a sleeker package, it's the motivation you need to push yourself further every step, every beat and every day.

  3. Fitbit Versa

    Meet Fitbit Versa an all-day companion that helps you live your best life. Run your day with wireless payments, notifications, quick replies, apps, music and 4+ day battery life. This lightweight, swim-proof watch empowers you to reach health and fitness goals with actionable insights, personalised guidance, on-screen workouts and more. Plus, wear it your way with fresh accessories and clock faces.

  4. Fitbit Ionic

    Fitbit ionic smartwatch. The Fitbit ionic is designed to give you your fitness big picture. Housed in a sleek-looking wearable is a smart hub that provides coaching, workouts, tracking and more all backed by built-in GPS, multi-sport modes and smart track automatic exercise recognition. The ionic functions as a traditional smartwatch, too, delivering notifications (like texts call sand calendar alerts) and access to apps, onboard music and built-in payments. The large watch face is on-trend with a bright display and sleek metallic accents that make this tracker infinitely wearable-all-day, every day. Product features dynamic personal workouts start dynamic personal coaching right on your wrist, complete with on-screen guidance during every move and routines that adapt based on your feedback. Built-in GPS built-in GPS lets you see pace, distance and other key stats on display, while also recording elevation climbed, split times and a map of your route. Integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Find a GPS antenna in the unibody frame create a much stronger connection with satellites in space and more accurate tracking. Pure pulse continuous heart rate and track resting heart rate use pure pulse continuous heart rate to better track calorie burn, optimize intensity during workouts and measure your health and fitness over time. Get insights on your cardiovascular health and fitness by tracking your resting heart rate and following your heart rate trends over time. Multi-sport and smart track use run, bike and other multi-sport modes to track specific workouts with real-time stats on displayer rely on smart track to automatically record exercises for you. Swim-proof and swim tracking wear Fitbit ionic in the pool or rain and use it to track swim workouts with stats like lap counting, duration and calories burned. Cardio fitness level gets a better understanding of your fitness level and learn how you can improve over time with a personalized cardio fitness score.

If you still can’t decide which tracker is the best for your clients and employees here’s a comparison chart comparing the key features both clients and employees are looking out for in their fitness trackers.

Speak to the sales associates at AXTRO Gifts today so that they can help guide you in making the right decision to purchase your perfect gift for your clients and employees today!

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