Actxa Swift

Actxa Swift is a smart fitness band that helps you monitor your everyday health and fitness levels.

With the belief that as people exercise more, they tend to sleep better, Actxa Swift tracks both daily fitness activities and monitors sleep quality, allowing you to achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

Key features of Actxa Swift include:

  • Activity Tracker tracks number of steps taken, number of calories burned, active duration time and distance travel on a daily basis. You can set personal fitness goals and track your progress anytime during the day.
  • Sleep Monitoring monitors the quality of your sleep, by examining your movement levels during the night. This provides you with a better understanding on your sleep patterns, allowing you to tweak sleep habits to feel better rested.
  • Silent Alarm vibrat alarm will help jump-start your day, without disturbing your partner sleep.
  • An OLED display with a touch sensor allows you to easily switch between the time/ date display (12 or 24 hour format) and your activity status, with a simple tap.

Actxa Swift is light, water resistant, sweat-proof and has a user-friendly interface. Its battery life lasts typically five to seven days, and is quickly rechargeable within two hours. Actxa Swift comes in a variety of colours (black/green, black/grey or black/pink) with interchangeable colour straps. The bands strap is made out of a comfortable, hypo-allergenic material, making it the perfect fitness companion for your daily life.

Track your progress with the Actxa App

The Actxa Swift syncs up seamlessly to the Actxa App (available for free download on the App Store or Google Play). When the Actxa App is launched on a mobile phone, it automatically connects with the Actxa Swift and syncs activity data to the App wirelessly via a Bluetooth connection. The Actxa App has been designed with a user-friendly interface. The dashboard provides key data such as steps taken, calories expended and distance travelled and your activity history can be viewed over the past days, weeks or months. You can also use the Actxa App to easily set reminders through silent alarms, or fix personal goals to increase motivation levels.

In this manner, the Actxa App acts like your personal fitness buddy. One glance at the Actxa App dashboard will allow you to check if you are meeting your fitness goals as well as monitor your sleep patterns.

Actxa Swift Specifications



  • Sensor and components
    • 3-axis accelerometer
    • Vibration motor
  • Display
    • OLED display with touch sensor
  • Battery and charging
    • Capacity: 55mAh
    • Battery life: 5 to 7 days
    • Battery type: Lithium-polymer
    • Charge duration: up to 2 hrs
  • Connection
    • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Material
    • Strap: Hypoallergenic Flexible Elastomer
    • Pin: Aluminum Alloy
    • Base unit: Plastic
  • Dimension and Weight
    • L250mm X W19mm X H12mm
    • 23g
  • Operating Temperature
    • -20 to 40 Deg C.

Software Requirement

  • Android 4.3 and above
  • iOS 8.0 and above
  • Actxa Mobile App (Available on Apple App Store & Google Play Store)

Package Content

  • 1 x Actxa Swift with strap
  • 1 x USB charging cradle
  • 1 x License Key
  • 1 x Quick Start and Warranty leaflet


  • 1 year limited hardware warranty

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