AICO Smart Egg Universal Remote Controller: Smart Egg, Smart Life

AICO Smart Egg Universal Remote Controller: Smart Egg, Smart Life

Today we have better lives because of the many devices throughout our homes. However, when we’re faced with too many choices, we sometimes lose sight of what is most important in our life. We waste valuable time finding a lost remote controller or on endless repetitive tasks. This needs to change!


AICO believes that things can manage themselves with a little magic added to a simple egg. Introducing Smart Egg - your new home automation controller.


It connects to your mobile wirelessly via Bluetooth. It will control using infrared signals compatible with most home appliances.


Smart Egg is backed with a cloud database containing over 12,000 remote controllers. In the event that you cannot find the exact device in our database, Smart Egg is capable to learn the remote and copy it into your smartphone.


It can meter the temperature and sense your presence. With lights, TV, music and everything else should be ready to serve, there’s more time for pleasure.

Smart Egg Application gives you a brand new interface to give you control and with auto-mute features, your entertainment will never be interrupted again.

AICO believes that control should always be enabled in the simplest and smartest way - Smart Egg, Smart Life.

Everyone has more than one remote controller in their homes, making Smart Egg the perfect gift for anyone and everyone! We, at AXTRO Gifts, can personalise it for you with silkscreen printing! Here’s what the Smart Egg will look like:


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