Tile Pro - 1 Pack

The Powerful Finder


  • Up to 400 ft / 120 m -- Our longest Bluetooth range
  • Up to 1-year replaceable battery (CR2032)
  • Water-resistant
  • Works with Android™ and Apple® devices.
  • Voice-assisted finding with Alexa, Google and Siri
  • Attach and go
  • 58mm x 32mm x 7.5mm

Tile Device Compatibility

Apple Devices
If you have an iOS device running iOS 14 or newer, Tile is compatible with:

  • iPhone 6s or newer
  • iPad (Regular, Pro, and Mini)
  • Apple Watch Series 2 or newer


  • Although the iPhone 5S and iPhone SE (1st generation) are compatible with the Tile app, the screen size is unofficially supported. This means there may be visual flaws on-screen, but the app will retain all proper functionalities.
  • The latest Tile app version that will be available on iOS 13 is 2.92. As of Tile app version 2.93, we no longer support Apple iOS 13.

Android Devices
If you have an Android running Android 9.0 or newer, Tile is officially compatible with:

  • Google Pixel/XL One or newer
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer
  • Samsung Note 8 or newer
  • OnePlus 3 or newer

If your Android device is not on the official compatibility list, it simply means we haven't tested Tile with your device type. Tile may still be compatible with your device as long as it's running Android 9.0 or newer, and has Bluetooth 4.0 tech. We just can't guarantee it'll work perfectly.

Smart Assistants/ Speakers

  • Echo/ Echo Dot/ Alexa
  • Google Nest/ Mini/ Google Assistant
  • Siri

While you can access your Tile account through your desktop computer or laptop, Tile works best on a mobile app. Tile has partnered with HP and Lenovo to bring you a selection of devices with Tile finding power.


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