Striiv Fusion 2

The Striiv Fusion 2 is the complete smartwatch and activity tracker package.

Automatically keep track of your health and fitness metrics simply by wearing the tracker. Get a clear picture of your sleep quality and activity levels throughout the day, every day.

Improve your habits by creating logs of meaningful behaviors. Did you diet today? Are you drinking enough water? Did you remember to take your medications? Did you lose weight? Simplify how you journal these things by inputting it right on your tracker, then view how well you're committing to your goals.

Get the most useful smartwatch features without the bulky size of typical smartwatches. Stay connected to your network, screen your calls, and read your text and app messages without taking out your smartphone. The touchscreen makes it easy to use. Stay on top of things with calendar reminders and your own custom silent vibrating alarms.


  • Long Lasting Battery
    A wearable device is only good when it's being worn. With a month-long battery life, you can keep your tracker on for longer.

  • Habit Journaling
    Research shows that there is a relationship between daily awareness of your goals and the likelihood that you'll achieve them. Are you trying to lose weight? Hydrate? Take your vitamins and medications? Conveniently keep track of your daily goals by logging on your tracker whether you met them.
  • Activity Monitor
    Whether it's your goal to take 10,000 steps per day, walk 5 miles, burn 500 calories, or be active for 60 minutes, we've got you covered. You set your own personal daily goals, and we'll keep track of how you're doing.

  • Sleep Monitor
    One of the biggest factors to your health, your energy, and your mood is your sleep. Total sleep hours are important, but so is the quality. Our tracker is built for comfort so you can rest comfortably with it on. When you wake up, you can look at your sleep report and decide whether you should make changes to get a better night's rest.

  • Smartwatch Alerts
    Never miss a call or text message again. You won't have to reach into your pocket or purse to see who's calling you. Get a buzz on your wrist and see if you need to respond to it now or if it can wait until later.

  • Meeting Reminders
    It’s easy to run late for meetings on your calendar when you’re busy and not always looking at your computer screen. Wrist reminders are more effective than the ones on your phone or computer since your tracker is on your body.

  • Smartphone Music Control
    Conveniently pause, play, and switch tracks on your smartphone’s music player. If you connect your phone to audio speakers, or it's playing music just out of reach, you don't have to get up. Control it through the interface on your tracker.

  • Charge With Any Micro-USB Cable
    When it's time for a recharge, plug your tracker into any Micro-USB cable around — there is no special proprietary charger required.

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