CA 5520 - USB Hub with Card Reader & 3.0 High Speed Data Transfer


Material: Aluminium
Colour: Grey
Weight: 28g
Dimension: 9.3cm x 2.0cm x 1.0cm
Packaging: White Folding Box | Weight: 10g | Dimension: 13.0cm x 6.0cm x 1.5cm
Printing Option: Laser Marking / Silk Screen / UV Colour Printing
Product Warranty: 6 Months


Introducing our USB Hub with Card Reader & 3.0 High Speed Data Transfer – a compact powerhouse that enhances your connectivity options while accelerating data transfer speeds. With this versatile hub, you can expand your device's connectivity and seamlessly manage your data, whether you're at home, in the office, or on the go.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Functionality: This USB hub offers not one, but three essential functions in a single device. It features multiple USB ports for connecting additional devices, a high-speed card reader, and USB 3.0 data transfer capabilities.

  2. High-Speed Data Transfer: With USB 3.0 technology, this hub ensures blazing-fast data transfer speeds. Whether you're transferring large files, photos, or videos, it dramatically reduces wait times and accelerates your workflow.

  3. Card Reader Convenience: The built-in card reader is compatible with a wide range of memory card formats, including SD, Micro SD, TF, and more. It simplifies the process of transferring and managing your digital files.

  4. Plug-and-Play: Enjoy a hassle-free setup. There's no need for complicated installations or drivers – simply plug it in, and you're ready to use your hub and card reader.

  5. Universal Compatibility: This hub is universally compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and more. It adapts seamlessly to your setup and extends your connectivity options.

  6. Compact and Portable: The sleek and compact design makes this hub easily transportable. Take it with you on your travels or use it as a permanent addition to your workspace.

  7. Sturdy and Durable: Built with high-quality materials, this USB hub is designed to withstand daily use, ensuring longevity and reliability.

  8. LED Indicator: The LED indicator provides visual feedback to let you know when the hub is powered and active, ensuring you're always connected.

With the USB Hub with Card Reader & 3.0 High Speed Data Transfer, you can transform your device into a versatile powerhouse, capable of handling various tasks and managing your data more efficiently.

Order now and unlock the potential of accelerated data transfer and expanded connectivity. Whether you're a professional, photographer, or anyone who values efficient data management, this hub is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Expand and accelerate your connectivity today!

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