Care Pack and Festive Gifts

There are many ways to show your gratitude to your staff and clients, but care packs are one of the most effective. It is a sincere act that allows you to express gratitude in the best interests of your company. Your care packs can consist of anything and everything, from healthy snacks to office products.

What is the purpose of care packs? For starters, it boosts corporate morale and promotes mental health by making employees or clients feel valued for their efforts, making their jobs more enjoyable. It also improves your brand image and loyalty as your company will be known for being people-centric. 

Choose from one of our pre-made kits, or start creating your own for your clients and employees! Get your quote now!


A bouquet of colorful and cheery seasonal flowers will undoubtedly brighten your recipients' days and make them feel valued. Flowers symbolize care and love, making them ideal for uplifting your recipients' spirits. So allow AXTRO Gifts to express your deep sentiments with a bouquet!

Food & Beverages 

Food is a way to people’s hearts, and you can never go wrong with healthy bite-sized snacks. It can serve as a little ‘perk me up’ for your staff or clients to munch on during a long day at the office. Giving your colleagues a gift that helps them to be healthy and productive at work is a sure win. Check out some of the food care packs that AXTRO Gifts have done for our clients!

Electronic Gadgets

You can never go wrong with gifting smart electronics in today's digital world, where everything is stored digitally. Power banks, mouse, keyboards, and the list goes on - they are essential, practical, and useful. Get your customized electronic gadgets with your company’s logo or slogan done with AXTRO Gifts!

Fitness Accessories

Health & fitness gifts will undoubtedly motivate your recipients to stay in shape and hit the gym more often. With fitness accessories like resistance bands and yoga mat as gifts, your recipients can even workout at the comfort of their own homes! Let us wow you with our customized fitness accessories with your company logo or slogan printed!


They might sound like a common gift, but you can never see someone without a bag in Singapore. They are useful, convenient, and long-lasting, making them an ideal gift. Be it a tote bag or backpack, your recipients will definitely appreciate it! Check out the various types of customized bags that AXTRO Gifts has to offer for every occasion!

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