Iwalk Scorpion 8000X

No need to carry any cables
Slim Universal Battery with built-in Lightning Type C and USB Charging Cables
Capacity: 8000mAh
Built-in Lightning and Micro USB, Type-C charging cables allow users to charge most of their devices so they won’t need to carry cables for charging devices
Compact and Slim
Big as an iPhone 6S with 15mm thickness. It has 8000mAh capacity and 4 built-in cables. We choose high-density Lithium Polymer Battery with updated battery tech, which lightens the whole weight to 185.4g. in this way, users can easily hold it with smartphones.
Built-in type-c cable can be used for the latest MacBook, it can charge any Apple device based devices reliably and fast with max 2.1A current charging.

Material: ABS

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