UM 2577 - Upside Down Umbrella


Size: 24"
Material: Pongee
Colour: Blue / Red / Orange / Yellow / Green
Weight: 550g ± / pc
Printing Methods: Silkscreen, Heat, HD Print


Introducing our Upside Down Umbrella – a revolutionary design that turns traditional umbrella conventions on their head, literally. This innovative umbrella is crafted to keep you dry while providing additional convenience and style in the process.

Key Features

  1. Inverted Design: Embrace a fresh approach to umbrella technology with our Upside Down Umbrella. Unlike traditional umbrellas, it opens from the top, keeping the wet side contained inside and leaving you with a dry outer layer. No more awkward maneuvers when closing your umbrella in tight spaces!

  2. Easy Entry and Exit: Navigate doorways and crowded spaces with ease. The Upside Down Umbrella's inverted design allows for effortless entry and exit without the risk of dripping water on yourself or those around you. Stay dry and graceful, even in the most confined environments.

  3. Drip-Free Closure: Bid farewell to puddles and drips with the innovative closing mechanism of our Upside Down Umbrella. When you close it, the wet side folds inward, trapping moisture inside and leaving you with a neat and dry exterior. No more awkward juggling of wet umbrellas!

  4. Generous Canopy Size: Enjoy ample coverage with our Upside Down Umbrella's generous canopy size. The inverted design doesn't compromise on protection – it enhances it. Stay shielded from rain or sun with a spacious and stylish umbrella that stands out in a crowd.

  5. Sturdy and Wind-Resistant: Crafted with durable materials, our Upside Down Umbrella is not only stylish but also robust. The wind-resistant design ensures that it remains stable and reliable, even on blustery days, offering you consistent protection against the elements.

  6. Double-Layered Fabric: The double-layered fabric of our Upside Down Umbrella enhances its durability and weather resistance. The inner layer traps moisture, and the outer layer repels water, ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable in any weather condition.

  7. Stylish Designs and Patterns: Express your personality with our Upside Down Umbrella's stylish designs and patterns. Choose from a variety of options that add a touch of flair to your rainy-day ensemble. Make a statement with an umbrella that stands out for all the right reasons.

  8. Convenient C-Shaped Handle: The ergonomic C-shaped handle of our Upside Down Umbrella allows for hands-free use. Hang it on your arm, hook it on a door handle, or hold it effortlessly, freeing up your hands for other tasks while staying protected from the rain.

Experience the evolution of umbrellas with our Upside Down Umbrella – where innovation meets functionality. Embrace a new way of staying dry, staying stylish, and staying ahead of the curve with an umbrella that defies convention. Make a statement with our Upside Down Umbrella and redefine your rainy-day experience.

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