Popular and Affordable Promotional Gift for your Company Event

Popular and Affordable Promotional Gift for your Company Event

The ideal promotional gift needs to give a lasting impression to your client such that positive emotions will be associated with your company for a long time to come. It affects how your client perceives your company. This is why the process of finding the perfect promotional gift can be stressful and confusing. 

At AXTRO Gifts, we have 18 years of experience with Corporate Gifts. We are very knowledgeable about the popular promotional gifts that companies usually look for. Therefore, we will be able to provide you with professional advice on the types of promotional gifts that will be suitable for your company event. Of course we will also source for products that are budget friendly. 

Do not worry! We have done the difficult part of sourcing for the perfect promotional gift for you. Simply scroll down to browse through some of the best and most popular promotional gifts for companies. These are products that will allow you to feel confident putting your company logo on. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any enquiries regarding these gifts! We will definitely assist you. 

1. Tote Bags 

Tote bags are one of the most popular promotional products. It is not only affordable but also functional and fashionable. To increase brand awareness, your company logo and name can be printed on these Treatic Tote Cotton Bag. They make a great promotional gift because your client is more likely to use it in their daily lives due to its practicality. From running errands to going to the office, there are many opportunities for them to carry around the tote bag. Being able to hold many items, it makes it more convenient for your client to use it on the go. As compared to other promotional gifts, there is also a higher possibility of your customer keeping the tote bag. 

Protecting the environment is also crucial. Instead of using plastic bags which will be disposed of after single use, we can opt to use these reusable tote bags whenever possible. 

2. Delicious Snacks 

It is very common for people to feel hungry in between meals. They often look for  snacks such as chips or nuts to munch on. Being able to satisfy their need for a snack break will increase the possibility of positive feelings to be associated with your company. Given that there is an increasing percentage of health-conscious consumers, delicious yet healthy snacks are highly recommended. Healthy chips or nuts provide a boost of energy and also increase nutrient intake. This results in lower probability of an individual developing heart diseases and diabetes. Not only that, consuming snacks also results in improved mood and increased efficiency at work.

All in all, you will never go wrong with food as gifts because anyone loves munching on delicious snacks any time of the day.  

3. 3-in-1 Wireless Fast Charger 

A good way to impress your event attendees is to give them a 3-in-1 fast charger. This is the perfect promotional gift for your client because it is a multifunctional charger that has the ability to charge 3 devices simultaneously. It keeps their desk free from messy wire cords and also saves them time. Another benefit of this wireless charger is that it also doubles as a phone stand for you to watch shows or to video call while you charge your phone. Lastly, it also has safer connections as compared to the traditional chargers with wires because it has lesser risk of electrical faults. Living in a society that is increasingly dependent on technology such as smartphones and wireless earbuds, owning a 3-in-1 fast charger is definitely an essential item for anyone. 

4. Notebooks

In the fast paced society that we live in, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of everything that you need to remember. Therefore having a notebook where you can jot down important tasks or meetings can be useful in ensuring we do not miss out on anything. Owning a notebook also gives you the ability to collect thoughts and ideas. It is a good place for you to record down memories and to unleash your inner creativity. Unlike the multiple sticky notes stuck around your table, having a notebook keeps your desk neat and organized. 

To promote your company, you can opt to have your company’s logo and name printed on the cover of the notebook where it is highly visible. Do feel free to browse through the different types of notebooks we have to offer at AXTRO Gifts! 

5. Drinkware 

Almost everyone owns drinkware such as water bottles or mugs. It is very crucial to stay hydrated because by doing so, it helps you to stay focused and increases digestion. Drinking from a cup or bottle also makes it easier for you to track how much water you have drunk. On top of the health benefits, owning reusable drink wares also keeps the environment clean. It reduces the amount of plastic we dispose of. Not to mention, it is also much more stylish as compared to the regular plastic cups or bottled water. 

It makes a great promotional gift because it is less likely to be thrown away due to its high practicality and durability which ensures that it can be used for a long time to come. 

In conclusion, these are some popular yet affordable promotional gifts that you can consider purchasing for your client. These items will definitely help you to effectively promote your product and leave a lasting impression on your client. If you have any enquiries, do reach out to us today at +65 6323 9268 or drop us an email at sales@axtrogifts.com

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