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Considering Corporate Gifts? Here's What You Need to Know: a blog about what to do when it comes to corporate gifting.

Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation to employees, clients, or anyone else you work with. Since purchasing gifts involves monetary expense, it is crucial to know how much the right item will matter in terms of achieving your strategy. Here are some tips that you should always keep in mind when selecting the right gift for any occasion:

Who is going to receive the gift, and what would they like?

When you are the one tasked with picking out a present for your company's clients, business partners, or employees, it can be a difficult and stressful process. How much money are you supposed to spend? What does the recipient even like? And should you get them anything at all?

What kinds of gifts are suitable for recipients in this situation? And which ones are boring for them? The answers depend on who is receiving the gift. People in different job occupations or positions may prefer to receive different types of gifts. For example, your boss may want something different than the CFO; your field sales reps may have different likings as compared to your HR employees. Therefore, doing research and knowing the budget for the gifts are two major rules to follow when sourcing for corporate gifts.  

What's the occasion?

Given that you have been invited to a business event which could be a client appreciation party or VIP holiday party. Regardless of the occasion, it's important to know and give your audience gifts that are suitable for the occasion. 

When you are selecting the type of gift for any event, do keep the following tips in mind to maintain a good rapport with clients or employees: 

  • Is it for a business relationship? Be sure to get an item that conveys appreciation and gratitude. Make sure to not get something too overtly personal.
  • Is it for an office party? This item should be something exciting and fun. You want people to be able to use it at the office. It could be a fun board game for everyone to participate and play as a team. 
  • Is it for one person (client appreciation)? A more personalised gift will show that you are especially thankful for the relationship with them. One good way to personalise the gift is to have their name printed on the gift itself and maybe consider including a card inside too. 

Are there any restrictions on what you can gift?

It may seem obvious, but you should start the process of searching for corporate gifts by assessing your company's culture and what type of gifts and services it allows. Does the company have a policy on gifts? It is important to know the answer to these questions especially if you are not sure about how your company operates.

Do you want customers to be engaged with your brand, or do you just want to show appreciation through a gesture?

Corporate gifting is very crucial for building an effective brand strategy for a company. It is also equally as effective if you are just looking to create some goodwill for your organisation or build a stronger connection with clients, partners, or employees in general. 

"As business becomes more dynamic and competitive," says Steve Mashburn of CorporateGiftsUSA, "the use of corporate gifts has grown exponentially to provide one of the easiest ways to build brand awareness and strong relationships with clients."  That is because the right gift, given at the right time, can lead to a meaningful relationship and the development of a professional bond. When you choose your corporate gift, the selection will reflect on how others perceive your company. Therefore, it is important to select the right gift for your recipient! 

Have you considered budgeting for your gift item?

If you are planning a corporate gift for your staff, you may be wondering about the cost. It can be tempting to spend more than necessary on gifts to give the recipient the best impression, but it is important that you minimise or limit yourself to a certain amount of money spent. Therefore,one tip is to set a budget for yourself when sourcing gifts and do not exceed it. 

Another good tip is to plan early. Plan ahead so that you have more time to price out supplies, consider what kind of gifts would be best for your business, and even get samples made before you finalise your gift choices.

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